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General characteristics


A paradise for tourists... The Land of Clean Lakes and Rivers welcomes...

Przechlewo commune. Wonders of nature, friendly people, leisure and amusement in a beautiful place...

Przechlewo commune is a perfect choice for leisure and amusement in a beautiful place that amazes with its wonders of nature. The commune’s wealth is not only its nature, history and monuments; it is primarily its residents – friendly people whose activity makes Przechlewo one of the fastest growing communes of the Pomeranian region.

Przechlewo commune is inhabited by about 6,300 people residing in thirty-three villages which have a long tradition and are beautifully nested amid fields, forests and lakes of the south-west Pomeranian Province. The north and west regions are part of the outwash sand Charzykowy Plain, whereas its central and south parts are in the Krajna Lakeland. According to nature and woodland division criteria, almost the entire area of the commune belongs to the Tuchola Forest District. The whole commune is located in the upper section of the Brda River basin and covers an area of 24,388 ha (244 sq. km). Almost 52 % of its area is forests, 30 % is arable land, 7 % is grassland, over 5 % is covered by water, the remaining area is wasteland and other types of land. The commune’s arable land is rather low ranked in the soil quality classification. This agriculture- and industry-oriented commune is increasingly turning to tourism.Przechlewo commune has been repeatedly awarded for its activities. One of the most prestigious awards was the 57th place in the “Gold Hundred of Local Self-Governments” ranking published by the “Rzeczpospolita” daily, a medal awarded by the County Council and Człuchów Starosta for contributions towards the development of Człuchów county, awards of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, and the ”Silver Bear” prize awarded to the leader in promotion of the economy of the Słupsk region. The commune authorities care for the environment and support newly-established companies. In 2008 Przechlewo commune was a laureate of the 11th “Polish Ecology Leader” organised by the Minister of the Environment for the involvement of the Przechlewo authorities in undertaking ecologically-, economically- and socially-effective ventures in terms of environmental protection management. In 2009 the commune became a laureate of the 10th “Friends of the Environment” National Ecological Contest for innovative projects concerning technical solutions and environmental protection investments and for ecological education undertakings. In 2012 in the 13th “Friends of the Environment” National Ecological Contest Przechlewo commune became the “Patron of the Polish Ecology”. In 2013 the commune was awarded two prizes: the Commune Recycling Leader and the Best Public Space in the Pomeranian Province – 2nd award.


Together we can do more

Przechlewo commune comprises 33 villages which have a long tradition and are beautifully nested amid fields, forests and lakes. The history of the commune dates back to the 12th century. One of our most beautiful monuments is the 13th century St. Ann church, which still exists in Przechlewo (the seat of the commune), has rich Baroque interior decorations and a unique 15th-century Renaissance bell. The commune’s wealth is not only its nature, history and monuments, but it is primarily its residents – friendly people whose activity makes Przechlewo one of the fastest growing communes of the Pomeranian region. We care about nature and support new companies. Przechlewo is the seat of POLDANOR S.A. and the modern meat processing facilities of PRIME FOOD – they are largest employers in the commune. POLDANOR S.A. – the “2005 Best Foreign Investor” in the Pomeranian region owns the first three agriculture biogas facilities in Poland (two of them are in Przechlewo commune). We believe that this “green energy” producer attracts potential investors with interesting ideas of using any surplus of thermal energy, especially given the fact the Poldanor company intends to construct new biogas facilities. An important role in the commune’s economy is played by agricultural employee companies (ROLPAKO and ROLPEX), wood processing facilities (INWOOD and POLTAREX), BP Poland, ROMGAZ and the Niedźwiady Forest District – a close ally which supports and initiates plenty of pro-ecological actions in the commune.


Attractions for every budget

Tourists can discover here the beautiful and clean Brda River which seems to be specially created for kayakers, thirty-three lakes and forests that surround the commune from all sides and forests which abound with animals and undergrowth. This is a real paradise for fishers, hunters and all those who enjoy the beauty of nature. In the summertime tourists may enjoy a lot of cultural, sports and recreational events.

Thanks to its diversified terrain, a great number of lakes and forests, and a relatively dense network of local roads, Przechlewo commune provides excellent conditions for walking, cycling and water tourism. A great attraction for sightseeing tours are four wildlife reserves located in the commune: the Przytoń – Wąwóz Brdy wildlife reserve with a sanctuary for beavers and lobelia Krasne Lake with its unique vegetation, the forest and peatbog Bagnisko Niedźwiady wildlife reserve, the ornithological and forest Osiedle Kormoranów wildlife reserve, as well as some protected landscape areas (part of the Tuchola Forest, surroundings of Krępsko and Szczytno Lakes) and seven natural monuments.


A healthy mind in a healthy body

For years the phenomenally diversified and meandering river bank, the boundless forests and the primeval nature have been attracting a great number of kayakers and fishers to the Brda River. This is one of the most beautiful kayak routes in the south Kashubian region. The length of the kayak route in the commune is about 50 km. Tourists may spend their free time pleasantly on the clean lakes and admire the beauty of the Przechlewo region, traversing the cycling or hiking routes. This impression about kayaking on the Brda River was expressed, among others, by... Pope John Paul II in his youth (1953), but not only in that period (1966 – eight years after being ordained a bishop and three years after becoming an archbishop and the Metropolitan Bishop of Cracow, 1972 – five years after becoming a cardinal and only six years before the historic, especially for Poland, “Habemus Papam” announced on 16 October 1978) during his visit to the Theological Seminar in Peplin and the Bishop’s Curia in 1999. By the way: On 23 August 2003 an obelisk commemorating the 50th anniversary of the visit of Pope John Paul II in the Przechlewo region was unveiled in Nowa Brda.

Besides the magnificent river, tourists are encouraged to visit this region by its wild forests, lakes and rivers with sandy banks, rich wildlife and beautiful – lowland and slightly hilly – landscapes. The immaculately clean environment, the pervasive silence and calm and the exceptional proximity of flora and fauna speak for themselves, they are the best showpiece of the commune and invite everyone to discover the tourist and natural values of the Przechlewo region which is always beautiful and hospitable at any time of the year.

Our twin communes are: Borzęcin commune (Małopolska Province, Brzesko county), Czarna commune (Podkarpackie Province, Bieszczady county).

Best regards
Andrzej Żmuda Trzebiatowski
Head of Przechlewo Commune

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General characteristics
General characteristics
General characteristics
General characteristics
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